Welcome to our new OET Key Skills course!

This course is completely free and features some of our best advice, tips, and lessons! All you need to do is enroll and watch!

What does this course contain?

Hours of official OET videos designed and presented by our very own TTM teachers! Our teachers are PREMIUM PROVIDERS of OET. This means that they have been certified to teach OET to the highest level by the OET exam itself! Read more for a breakdown of what we have included in this free course.
  • OET Reading: 4 official OET Reading videos plus bonus live classes and materials!

  • OET Speaking: 4 official OET speaking videos as well as bonus live classes!

  • OET Listening: 4 official OET Listening videos including some of our most popular live classes!

  • OET Writing: 4 official OET Writing videos plus a bonus live class!

Need more support?

Join TTM English and you will not only get all our videos but you will also get:

  • 2 to 3 hours of live classes every day
  • OET Study Materials
  • OET Letter Grading
  • Personal Tuition Time
  • Access to all OET video courses

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